If you have Linksys router at your home then obviously you know about IP address. Basically, IP address is not only used by Linksys router but there are many other brands who utilize this IP address. IP address is a default address and it is used on the new router’s setup and for updating old router’s settings. When you bring the new router at home than while doing the setting, the network administrator applies this address. Not only on home router’s network but equally it can be applied on business computer networks.

Use of IP address in the router login

The importance of IP address comes when you are configuring the new router or when you need to fix the problem of the network of your router at home. Otherwise, it is not important to remember the IP address of your router because of cell phones or other devices can identify the router by using the name (SSID).

Now here are the basic guides to log in to your router.

Open web browser as your choice. And your router’s default address is so enter in the search bar of your browser.

After this process, you will be taken to the login area and after you log in you will enter in router’s administrator panel. But sometimes you may get into trouble because your router has chosen another IP address instead of, the router may be unapproachable or failed to connections or the web-browser is unable to connect the network.

Things to remember

If you have the router of different brand and does not use for setup then do not try with this address. You have to identify the IP address of your router first because of another brand router’s uses IP address like, and so on. You can find it easily on your router setting book or on the related website.vr7z